Thursday, October 27, 2011

Outrageous Truth

Alan Grayson
Former U.S. Representative Alan Grayson has become a darling of left-wing media and is the devil's little helper according to Fox News and other right-wing propagandists. What did Grayson say to gain such notoriety? Well, mostly the truth.

Using the ratings of Grayson's statements by non-partisan fact-check website yields a gaudy Truth Quotient of 2.57. Panderbear doesn't include Grayson in the regular Truth Quotient rankings. If added his TQ would be off the chart, the highest that Panderbear has calculated for any politico. He would easily eclipse all the congressional leaders of both parties, all candidates for the Republican nomination, even the current individual TQ champ, President Obama.

So what were some of Grayson's statements that prompted conservatives to set their hair on fire? Well, he said 24 million people in this country "can't find a full-time job," 50 million "can't see a doctor when they're sick," 47 million people need government help to feed themselves and 15 million families owe more than the value of their home. These are all true statements that pundits and panderers on the right don't want to talk about unless they're blaming them on President Obama. Congressional Republicans have voted overwhelmingly, usually unanimously, against every effort by the President and Democrats to address these issues constructively.

In another "incendiary" statement Grayson said, "According to Wikipedia, there are only five countries in the entire planet that are more unequal than the United States in the distribution of our wealth." (It's 3-5 depending on the date of the statistics.) Conservatives don't see a problem with that, but Panderbear does, Occupy Wall Street does, and Alan Grayson does.

One last Grayson zinger for the road, "The Republican plan for tax cuts is to give each millionaire -- the top 1 percent of income in this country -- $83,347 a year in tax cuts."'s verdict? TRUE.

When Panderbear was a cub there was a name for people who said the things Alan Grayson is saying now, "Democrats." As comedian Bill Maher put it, "Democrats have moved to the right and the right has moved to a mental hospital."

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