Friday, October 7, 2011

Sarah Palin Not Running

Sarah Palin
Former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, says she will not run for president. This announcement may have surprised some political pundits, but Panderbear predicted months ago, to Mrs. Bear, that the camp-following Palin would milk the celebrity accorded potential presidential candidates for all it was worth before declining to run.

To understand and predict Sarah Palin's actions is not all that difficult. Follow the money. Halfway through her term as governor of Alaska, demi-governor Palin resigned. Why? The governor's salary paled in comparison to the seven-figure book deal she nabbed and the prospect of future riches.

But how to maintain the cash-cow of public celebrity? What better way than a faux campaign for the Republican nomination for president? Actually running for office is a cash-burning strategy. That's not what Sarah Palin is about. Having to answer gotcha questions like "What do you read?" isn't on her menu either. Celebrity, notoriety, and most especially money, are. Money is Palin's Blue Plate special, her raison d'ĂȘtre.

Sarah Palin has sacrificed both friends and family on the altar of ambition. The tale of her rise to the governorship of Alaska is a sordid one. But, for reasons that even she may not understand, Palin's real ambition is wealth, her driving force avarice.

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  1. Well wealth and recognition. She would give up some cash in order to be discussed everyday on Fox. She dreams of being a conservative harridan who sells millions of books and one who is considered knowing and literate. Her genes won't allow it. Nothing scars the soul, like learning, slowly, that one is doomed to mediocrity.