Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Panderbear composes his missives on an Apple MacBook Pro, or an iPad, or an iPhone. Once written blog posts travel over an Airport Extreme network to the internet. While pursuing his birding passion in Ecuador recently, Panderbear recorded his sightings using an iPhone app. Upon returning home he transferred his sightings to a Numbers spreadsheet and the contents of his camera to iPhoto. Not a day passes that he doesn't spend hours enjoying the minor miracles of Apple hardware and software.

Apparently Steve Jobs had a few rough edges. What man of genius and passion does not? In the Bear family Jobs will be remembered for three decades of joy, fun, surprise, and wonder at his creativity and insight and for turning a nearly bankrupt Apple into the world's number one technology company. We cheered for Steve Jobs and Apple every step of the way. His life was an amazing story. His passing diminishes our universe.

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