Monday, January 30, 2012

Obama Thin-Skinned or Calculating?

Governor Brewer Gives President Obama the Finger
Both Jan Brewer and John McCain called President Obama thin-skinned. Thin-skinned Chicago politician is an oxymoron.

The president's emotions are invariably in the service of his intellect. Panderbear thinks it quite possible he played Governor Brewer, deliberately provoking her on the tarmac in full view of spectators and cameras.

Notice the president's body language. He's in close and leaning over the governor with a bemused expression. That would get a rise out of any Republican, let alone the fiery-tempered Jan Brewer.

Calculated or not, every wag of Brewer's finger was worth a thousand Latino votes for the president. Now President Obama says it was no big deal which makes Brewer's reaction look all the more aggressive and foolish. Perfectly played Mr. President. Just perfect.

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1 comment:

  1. Don't the roots coming through of Gov. Brewer's hairdo speak volumes ? How open does her mouth need to be for a polite exchange ?