Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pro-Life Before Birth and After

Panderbear in Pro-Life and Pro-Choice and Raven in Trust Women expressed their personal views on the issue of abortion. Panderbear thinks that forcing participants in the abortion debate to identify as either Pro-Life or Pro-Choice imposes an artificial constraint to full and open communication. Raven suggests it is hypocritical for those who oppose abortion or who oppose same-sex partners adopting to not be at the head of the adoption line.

Panderbear notes, as many others have, that some who self-identify as Pro-Life hold inconsistent views toward protecting life. It is a double standard to elevate the life of a fetus above the welfare of the already born.

War, hunger, and environmental degradation also take their toll of human life. One would hope those who call themselves Pro-Life would attack these woes of the human condition with the same ardor they exhibit in trying to stop legal abortions.

All too many politicians are willing to pander to social conservatives who hold these incompatible views on the protection of life. Panderbear thinks failing to reconcile mutually incompatible opinions inevitably leads to both hypocrisy and more pandering.


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