Friday, March 16, 2012

Editorial Policy

Panderbear - Publisher/Editor

Panderbear's Rules

  • Posts should aim for a slightly higher level and longer view than the hubbub of everyday pandering. More synthesis than reportage. More argument than opinion.

  • Passion in the service of intellect is highly desirable. Rants, diatribes, sermons, screeds, and invective are not desirable. Sound arguments presenting verifiable premises in support of a single conclusion are desirable. As Panderbear always says, "Facts. Facts. Facts. Get some."

  • Submissions should be succinct (preferably <250 words), focus on a single topic relevant to pandering by politicians, pundits, or organizations and include verifiable premises and references.

  • Every post must include at least one graphic which may be a photograph, chart, graph, table or cartoon relevant to the topic of the post. Panderbear loves charts and graphs.

  • Panderbear considers all posts rough drafts. They are written, reviewed, rewritten, and corrected even after being published, if necessary.

  • It is Panderbear's responsibility to preview all submissions, schedule posts for publication, mentor associate editors, and enforce reasonable and consistent editorial standards.

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