Monday, April 9, 2012

Shit Mitt Romney Says

The most recent Truth Quotient Ratings - Politicos and Truth Quotient History - Candidates show that Mitt Romney's tenuous grasp on the truth has continued to erode ever more as the campaign has proceeded. His current Truth Quotient (TQ) is 0.7, well below the flip-of-a-coin TQ of 1.0. Compare this with President Obama's TQ of 1.51 which is much higher than any other candidate for president and well above any Congressional leader. What the numbers show is that you can pretty much take President Obama and VP Biden at their word. (Trust, but verify.) For everyone else Panderbear suggests you flip a coin.

This short clip compares shit Mitt Romney says in his pander filled stump speeches with reality. It isn't pretty. Apparently, Romney believes in sacrificing the truth for a higher cause - getting himself elected president.

About the Truth Quotient
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