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  1. "Rejecting free will leads to a more rational approach to crime and punishment by illiciting more appropriate questions."

    Ouch. It's "eliciting".

    1. Thank you, kestenbaum. That's why Panderbear needs more associate editors.

  2. I am interested in doing some posts. I have submitted some things already but not posts. how does one do this?

    1. Richard,

      I've added a link to your "Let Us Be Aware" blog to my list of links. Take a look! Eventually, I'll have a separate blogroll and I'll move it there.

      In order for you to submit posts to Liar! Liar! you must send the email address you want to use to login with as an author to me at No other use is made of that address (not by me, but I can't speak for Blogger). It is not available to readers unless you want it to be. I will then issue an official invitation to that address.

      All the other contributors are using pseudonyms, but I presume you will want to promote your own blog, so you may want to use the same name as on your blogs. I will also need a 100x100 pixel image/avatar for the "Zoo" page. Let me know what name/pseudonym you wish to appear on your posts.

      Include a link to your blog in your post, if you like. We're all doing what we can to bring some fact-based logical reasoning to the world. Cross-promotion is one way to multiply our efforts. Perhaps you'd like to add a link to Liar! Liar! to your blog. :-)

      As soon as I have time I will read some more of your posts. The main stylistic difference I see is that your posts are usually longer than I shoot for on Liar! Liar! (the internet is something of a short-attention span theater) and on my blog we include a relevant graphic, chart, table, photo with every post. When you submit a post, please save it but do not publish it. i will schedule it for publication after we have iterated over the content. (Sorry, Panderbear is a bit of a control freak. I try to maintain a consistent editorial style.)

      Thanks for your interest and welcome aboard. Oh, and thanks for reminding me I need to add info about the exact procedure for becoming an author/associate editor to the "Editors Needed" page.