Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay combined wrote 85 essays collectively referred to as the Federalist Papers. Each essay contains arguments for the the replacement of the Articles of Confederation via ratification of the newly proposed U.S. Constitution.

Like the Federalist Papers, Panderbear always intended that Liar! Liar! essays be more argument than reportage. Its subtitle, Pandering Politicians and Rational Public Policy, defined the scope of those arguments. Every post was intended as another brick in the wall of argument for the superiority of public policy founded on fact-based logical reasoning and best science rather than xenophobia, confirmation bias, or blind faith.

If 200 Liar! Liar! posts is insufficient to convince the reader of the latter point, then Panderbear concedes that the task is beyond his capabilities. In any event Panderbear is now taking a sabbatical, perhaps permanent, from writing additional Liar! Liar! posts.

It takes a certain amount of hubris to think one's thoughts are worthy of presenting to the world. Panderbear is not lacking in hubris, but feels the need to spend time seeking new knowledge and insights regarding our history and our politics. Panderbear still has much to learn.

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  1. OK - Sabbatical over. Come back - We value and need your Insights and Voice!